2014 - K-Live K-Pop Experience - Brochure

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2009 - G-Market promotional postcards - G-Dragon

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2012 - G-Market Clearfile

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Anonymous → do you know what up with the physical digital release? i saw some on ebay... they are digital releases but specially put on a physical cd (with case and stuff) and it says 'not for sale' and they are usually really expensive like 200$

I think you are talking about items like Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” which was a digital single only, but I saw one on eBay once that was a promotional copy “not for sale” CD and it was like $185 T__T

Even when a song/single is a digital release only, promotional copies will still be pressed for distribution for promotional purposes to give to places like Radio and TV stations. Not only is the CD used to play the song in for example in rotation during the radio station’s airtime, but there will be information contained in the CD jacket regarding the Artist, along with contact information on the CD case for Artist Management in order to book the artist for interviews and such. (That’s why you always see a YG e-mail and phone # on the promo copies of the BB stuffs. ^-^) Because these promotional copies are pressed in such a small number, and typically actually used by those that they are distributed to, they do become rare and hard to find. Especially so if it involves a single that was released only as a digital release. So that makes them fairly expensive when they end up on auction. I can only imagine what one of those would cost for T.O.P’s “Turn it Up”. I personally have never seen one, though I might not survive the heart attack I would have when I would see the price tag. ha! XD 

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Anonymous → what is a "rental edition"?

Hello (: In Japan, rental stores for all types of media including CDs are still very popular. So popular in fact that special pressings of media are often made to differentiate them from the original pressings of the media. (CDs, DVDs, etc.) So they will have different CD artwork, booklet, obis, etc.

After those releases decline in popularity and the shops no longer need as many copies in their stores, the owners will often sell off their extra copies. The copies are many times in excellent shape and all original artwork and even the obi (outer spine cover) will be included when you buy it used.

It is great for a collector like me because there are so many differences between the regular consumer release of the rental edition pressing that it is yet another variation of the album that I can collect. ^-^ 

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2013 - G-Market - Promotional “Polaroid” Photocards

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I was fortunate enough to see Tazza - The Hand of God / Tazza - The Hidden Card today in Los Angeles!

This movie is so good I can’t even begin to explain. This is my favorite performance yet by Choi Seung Hyun and it has nothing to do with him being half naked in parts of the film. (Though I didn’t mind seeing that for sure
(*^3^)/~♡)  Seriously though, all of the actors / actresses in the film are top notch and it was a great story. I really recommend this film! ^^

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2011 - 4th Mini Album / Tonight - Rental Edition - Japan

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2011 - Love and Hope Tour - Bandana (Black)

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Anonymous → are those pictures you post, new stuff you got or are you just caching up on putting your whole collection in here? or are you even buying 'old' stuff? or is everything you own from the time it came out? hope you get what i mean xD btw thank you so much for this blog <3

Ha ha, yes I know exactly what you mean! :D And thank you btw, it is my pleasure to do the blog, I hope it is helpful. <3 

My blog is actually a combination of what you said. For example, the recent posts of the Love and Hope Tour CDs and DVDs. I have had most of them since they came out, but just haven’t posted pictures until now for some reason. :S 

Some of the older stuff I didn’t actually get until recently, for example The Great Concert Blanket was a recent acquisition as that is extremely rare, and was so even in 2009 when I started liking BB.  

I actually have several items that I did get right when they first came out that I haven’t even listed yet like Seung Ri’s Yubikoi DVD, The Commitment Japanese Special Edition Photobook & DVD, Japanese music cards for both Daesung’s D’sLove and Taeyang’s Japanese release of Rise, Limited edition venue specific items for Taeyang’s Japanese Tour like tote bags….ahhh it’s hard to keep up. ^-^;

I love working on this blog, but it is very time consuming and I do feel bad that it takes so long to get things posted. If ever anyone is looking for information on something that they don’t see listed or posted, please feel free to inquire about it; if I don’t know about it, I would love to research it and try to help you. <3 :) 

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2011 - Love and Hope Tour DVD - 3DVD+Photobook Limited Edition and Random Postcard (I got Daesung! :D) - Japan 

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2012 (Released) - 2011 Love and Hope Tour Blu-Ray DVD - Japan

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2011 - BIGSHOW - 2DVD + Photobook - 1st Press Limited Edition  - Korean

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2011 - BIGSHOW 2DVD + Photobook - 1st Press Limited Edition - Japan 

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2011 - BIGSHOW Live CDs - 1st Press Limited Edition with Mouse Pad, YG Card, and YGeShop preorder bonus. 

(G-Dragon and Taeyang were posted previously be seen here ^-^)

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