Anonymous → Do you think you would ever sell any items you have one day? I wanna buy everything man lol

Waaahhhh I could never part with any of it! I’m so sorry!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

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Anonymous → have u got the daesung jandals? they fit me perfectly lmao

Hello! Yes I did get them :D They fit me perfectly too! ^___^  

7 hours ago

2014 - D’slove - CD+DVD

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2014 - D’slove - Deluxe Edition; CD+DVD+Photobook+Goods (Jandals/Thongs/Flip-flops)

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2011 - BIGBANG x 10corsocomo x incase -  Limited Edition iPad / 13in MacBook Case. 

All information I can find on these is that there were only 30 of these made. I find that hard to believe, I would think they would have made 300, just like the iPhone case. But, they are incredibly hard to find and this one is used with no packaging (so no way to confirm for sure). The seller I purchased this from also insisted there were only 30 made, without any prompting from me. So, I just don’t know what to think - Maybe there were only 30 made? :S 

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2011 - BIGBANG x 10corsocomo x incase - Limited Edition iPhone 4 slider case - 223 of 300. 

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Anonymous → Is there an English version of a fools only tears?

Yes there is ^-^, it’s re-titled “Together Forever” and it’s on their first Japanese mini-album “For The World


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2014 - BIGBANG X KRUNK - Keychain Set

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2009 - Show, Another BIGSHOW Photobook Promotional Poster

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Anonymous → 36media()tumblr()com/2e5bcfc920244c4f42f750a8d840e480/tumblr_mt50x64suE1rew6q0o1_500()jpg do you know why he's crying at his OOAK concert? :(

That link seems to be password protected? Do you have another link? :S There were a couple of times at a few different stops on the tour when ppl said he was crying or close to tears, but until I know which image this is - I won’t be able to answer for sure. ;w; 

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2012 - FUBU - T.O.P Stickers from the Myoung-dong store

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2008 - NII Luck for you Promotional Postcard

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Anonymous → Do you know anywhere to buy gd coup d'état lp anymore?

I have not seen it in stock in any on-line stores in a while. There are currently four listed on eBay (US) right now, the lowest priced one starts at $125 with $28 shipping to the US. :S 

1 week ago
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Anonymous → Do you know why oh yeah, she's gone, oh my friend, and sunset glow mv aren't on official YouTube channels?

I think probably I should clarify first that BIGBANG’s (YG artists) YT channels are YG Entertainment only. Having said that;

"Oh Yeah" only has an official MV release for the Japanese version which will likely not be put on the YT channel due licensing issues with YGEX. (Any Korean version you may find on YT is strictly fan made.) 

I don’t think that “She’s Gone” technically had an official MV, what many know as the MV is actually taken from the Shine A Light Concert DVD. The MV is footage from the concert that is comprised of a short film made specifically to be aired during his Shine a Light Concert, and live footage from the Shine a Light concert. This compiled footage was pulled directly off the Shine a Light Concert DVD and I do not recall ever hearing that this was an official MV release of the song.

"Oh My Friend" is a collaboration with No Brain and "Sunset Glow" is a cover version of a song (originally by Lee Moon Sae); it is possible that YG Entertainment does not have the sole rights to these songs and therefore are not able to publish the MVs on YT. (Otherwise, they may have to pay royalties / fees to the original / collaborative artists each time the video is viewed.)

That is my best guess for these. :D If anyone else has any information, please feel free to chime in! <3 ^-^ <3 

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2008 NII Qualified Stand Up / Cheer Up Advert / Flier

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